Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Little LuLu

Luke's story begins last summer when I unexpectedly got pregnant...again :)  And hopefully this third child will lead to some sort of awareness on my part about how to properly use contraceptives.  But that is another matter for another day.  

This pregnancy was a little different in that this time I knew for sure that I would be having a c-section.  I was really disappointed when my VBAC failed last time, but I have gotten over the fact that I'm just not going to deliver my babies naturally.  And honestly, it was a big relief to actually know exactly what was going to happen and prepare for it, even though I knew that I wouldn't make my scheduled April 2nd section.  We all knew from the beginning that I would come at least a few weeks early, if not more.  And lo and behold, I DID come early!  Four weeks!  So we have a true preemie back in the house again. 

My doc started cervical checks on me several weeks before the normal schedule, and at 34 weeks I was already dilated 2 cm and 30% effaced.  At 35 weeks I was at 3cm and 50% effaced.  While I was completely miserable, I felt validated in this because basically I was in slow motion labor--so ladies, imagine your labor and stretch it out over weeks and weeks--the contractions, the misery, the pain and discomfort, all while trying to keep from going into premature labor and taking care of a 2 and 4 year old.  I was pretty pretty pretty whiny.

In order to have my section before the scheduled date I had to go into full on labor.  But since I'd never done the traditional labor thing before, I was nervous to know exactly what to look for.  But on March 11th we went to a free movie at the library with the kids, and I noticed that my I had three strong contractions in an hour.  When we got the kids in bed I sat on the couch and timed my contractions and they were lasting a minute and coming every 15 minutes or so.  I called the hospital at 10 to ask them when exactly I should come in, because I knew those contractions weren't going to slow down.  I found out that the doctor on call that night was the one OB that I do not like.  I told Richie that there was no way I was going to let him cut me open.  So I labored all night at home,  and at 5 am I came downstairs and timed my contractions again.  Now they were every 5 minutes.  Time to head for the hospital!

We got there and as the nurse set me up for surgery she said that it all depended on how dilated I was. I told her I was already at a 6.  She didn't believe me and when she checked I was almost at a 7!  By now the contractions were starting to hurt pretty good and I was ready to get this child out of me!  

The c-section itself was awesome.  I was nervous because I have never been awake for my other ones, but the spinal block went smooth and fast.  As I was getting prepped I realized that Richard was the only man in the OR.  How cool is that?  Even my anesthesiologist was a woman.  It was just coffee talk and chatting about kids and backyard chickens while we listened to music and getting ready to deliver a new life to the world!  I was honestly so happy.  Especially I was happy to have modern medicine helping me out so I felt nothing but that happiness.  Richie held my hand the whole time, and when the doctor told us that we had a little boy I began to cry.  I felt so much joy in that moment.  It was the complete opposite of my other two deliveries. 
So Luke Richard Barkume Peterson was born at 8:19 am, weighing 6 lb 4 oz and measuring 18".  He was in great shape and I got to hold him as soon as they made sure he didn't need to go to the NICU.  I am now recovering from surgery and excited for the warmer weather.  Luke is growing great, like to nurse a lot and never lets us sleep at night.  But somehow we will work it out.  We love Luke, he is a wonderful, beautiful, happy addition to our family and Eve and Theron love him very much and are wonderful older siblings.  We love you Luke!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Photo Card

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Happy New Year After a Long Hiatus

Hello all my friends and web mates.  After a year-long absence on my blog, I am finally posting again.  Mostly because I didn't manage to send out Christmas cards this year, which bummed me out, but there is always next December, right?  But, this has been a great year for our family and we have some exciting news as well!  So browse our quick update and I hope that 2013 is a good year for all!

Richard, the Chemist. Chemist really is a title well-deserved by Richard.  With lay-offs at work and big projects to complete he has been a very busy bee.  Not to mention that he walks to work every morning in 5 degree weather.  What a man!  He was called as 1st counselor in the Elders Quorum in our ward, a position that presides over the men in our congregation.  It keeps him busy as well.  He has had the chance to attend some Utah Jazz games this season, watch all his sports teams fail miserably and grew a kick-ass garden this summer.  As usual, he kept our lawn immaculate this last year, and has taken to grilling on our new grill.  Richard is a great dad who spends more time with his kids than most men I know.  They adore him and hate to see him go to work everyday to "make the monies" as Theron puts it.

Renee, the Chef.  Well this year I cooked up an unexpected surprise: baby #3 is on the way and due in the Spring!  My official due date is April 8th, my c-section is scheduled for April 2nd, but I'm pretty sure the little one will be coming in March.  We are keeping the gender a surprise, which has been fun, and I surprise myself with my lack of curiosity of what the little one is.  I personally think it's a girl, but really, could just as well be a boy.  I was called to serve as 1st Counselor in our church's Young Women organization which works with the youth of our church.  That keep me very busy!  I was also in charge of our ward's Christmas Party this year, which I nailed.  It was pretty awesome.  Having two toddlers at home keeps me very busy, along with all the swimming, hiking, gardening, coloring, cooking, laundry, canning, sewing, movie-watching, exploring and nightly couch-sitting I do.  I did bike and run this last summer, only to find out I was pregnant and immediately stopped and ate a lot of Halloween candy.  

Eve, the Princess Pirate Preschooler Doctor.  Eve has really blossomed this last year.  She started the year off with a bug-themed birthday party, which was loads of fun and cuteness, and also potty trained shortly after without much muss and fuss.  It was great.  Even after more than a year and a half of having two in diapers, I would still rather wait until they are actually ready than go through months and months of agony and messy accidents.  Once she got it she never looked back.  Eve took swim lessons this summer which she loved.  Her teacher was surprised by how comfortable she was in the water.  We went down the water slide a lot.  Eve also loved hiking and gardening this summer, which was so much fun.  She also developed a fine art sensibility and decided to color inside the lines.  Eve loves to cook and play dress-up and imagination games.  She loves to tell stories and sing.  She started preschool in the fall and is excelling socially and academically.  She really is a perfect child, always sharing and being a peacemaker.  She is a great sister, a great helper and lots of fun.  She can't wait for our new baby, which she has named Google Monster!  But a word of warning: never tell her she is silly or funny.  She is Eve, and only Eve.

Theron, the Two-Year Old.  Theron can throw a tantrum with the best of them, but he is also very sweet, happy and just about the most enthusiastic person I know.  Ask him if he wants to do something, he shouts at the top of his lung "I do I do I do I do I do!"  or if not, "Oh no oh no oh no oh no!  Please no!"  This is a kid who knows what he wants.  Most of the time it is blue "yuckers" (suckers).  Needless to say, he took his trick-or-treating very seriously this year.  He was a man on a mission.  Theron learned to crawl, walk, jump, and run this year, and turned two in November.  He likes to use the potty and uses it about once a day, but still likes to wear his diapers.  He is very independent and insists on doing everything himself.  He loves the alphabet, trains, cars, wagons and swimming.  He is also very artistic and loves to watch movies and TV.  He also loves to sing, read Curious George and be licked by dogs.  He does not like the snow or sharing.

This summer our family went to Yellowstone for a week which was exhausting and fun.  The kids loved the geysers and sitting in the hiking backpacks, and aside from the one day that will never be mentioned again, it was a great trip, and a chance to meet some family I have never met before. We also spent a few days at Bear Lake in a beautiful home with Richard's family.  Eve and Theron both caught their first fish and watched the eclipse.

On a sad note, this past year we also lost our beloved cat, Lucy.  Sadly, she was hit by a car on Mother's Day.  It still brings tears to my eyes when I see pictures of her.  But I think Eve might get a cat for her birthday this month.
 So there you have it, a review of the Petersons' 2012.   2013  is going to be crazy.  Really crazy.  But I can't wait!  So God Bless, and come to Logan and visit us!




Thursday, December 22, 2011

Weirdo Beardo

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I love getting everyone's beautiful, sweet, inspiring Christmas cards, with all your picture perfect families.  I really do.  They're hanging on my front door so I can see them all season long.  And I love my picture perfect family, covered in snowy white hair, heads floating in a red miasma of Season's Greetings.  I have a large version of this on my fridge, and when Eve saw it she cracked up and thought it was hilarious.  It is.  She's got a good sense of humor.  May your holidays be bright and merry!  We love all of you.  Thank you for your love in return!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Big One

DadadaDum!  Theron is now one year old!  He had his birthday last Thursday, and boy, was it an extreme birthday party weekend.  And filled with an oddly high amount of buffets, which we mostly never attend.  But apparently to celebrate a one year old's birthday one needs to eat--a lot.  I guess that's because when you're only one, it's snowy outside, and you don't yet walk, all you can do is eat.  It's a universal pleasure, I'm sure.
So, Thursday.  Rise and shine!  My little boy is up with a smile.  We go for a walk, run some errands, play with toys, clean the house--all the things a one year old boys loves to do.  Then we went to Golden Corral for dinner--not my choice.  We came home and sang him "Happy Birthday."  I sang that to him all day, and he loved it and would laugh and smile and clap because somehow he knew he was special when I sang to him. 
Friday Theron had his one year doctor appointment.  He is doing great!  He got four shots and a prick in the toe for blood work, but after some sad tears, he was okay.  Especially after he got his first lollipop.  My parents came up and took us all out to dinner.  Guess where?  Chuck-A-Rama!  And we opened presents afterwards and Theron got his favorite one of all: a wooden truck carrying four small cars.  Theron loved it!
And Saturday we had his birthday party.  I invited all our family, and then decided to invite a few other families as well.  Most everyone came, and for a while I was really stressed and cursing myself for making the situation much more complicated than it needed to be.  BUT.  It was fun!  It turned out wonderful and I think that Theron had a good time.  When everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him he was all smiles.  Then he ate the monkey cake and LOVED it!  It was a banana cake with chocolate frosting.  He had two huge fistfuls and noshed it down like it was candy.  I was so glad that it made him so happy. 
Theron has been sleeping very poorly lately.  Not napping well and not sleeping more than a few hours at a time at night.  And a lot of time he will wake up and want to stay up for hours.  He doesn't take a binky and he doesn't suck his thumb so he is no good at self soothing.  He is going through his separation anxiety stage and therefore doesn't want anyone but me at night.  Even the sight of Richie will make him scream his head off.  I don't feel any teeth coming in, he doesn't have an earache, and the "crying it out" thing doesn't work--I've tried it even though I hate it.  I guess I just have to accept the fact that this is just  a stage and there is nothing I can do about it. 
Theron is also mobile now.  Yea!  I've been waiting now.  He's been doing an army scoot for a while, but now he has been full on crawling now for a couple of weeks and is starting to get fast!  I'm still not  used to it.  The other day I went downstairs to change out the laundry and I heard a big crash.  I raced upstairs and just as I thought, one of our floor lamps was broken on the floor.  Theron had pulled it down.  He also ate two of Eve's markers while I was in the shower that day.  He loves to dance, clap, hear singing, pull on the cat and be tickled. He loves to play with toys, especially cars, books, kitchen gadgets and stuffed animals.  His hair is getting long, is curly in the back and growing in blond, though he is still a redhead for now.  And he is still the most darling, happy, smiley little boy who has absconded with my heart.  I cannot believe how much I love my little man.  He makes me so happy, even in the sleepless delirium I call my life.  What an incredible little soul resides in arms when I scoop him up and snuggle him.  
Oh, I love this little guy, but look at how tired both our eyes are.  No sleep is the worst!
Happy Birthday Theron!  I hope that this coming new year will be a marvelous one.  You are my bright light and warm fuzzy.  You are my darling and my constant joy.  I love you.
  Eating his birthday cake as fast as possible.  He didn't stop till both hands were empty!
 Theron: One Year
22 lb. 10 oz.
100% Sweetness

Monday, November 7, 2011

What a Witch! (and Goldfish too!)

 We have been bewitched the past few weeks.  An orange pointy hat with black polka dots followed me everywhere.  The scratchy sound of grass broom bristles echoed through my hallways.  The swish of a cape haunted my days, and the insane cackle of a deranged witch floated through my dreams at night. Finally, I managed to capture that devil's mistress in a photograph.  This is the terrifying image:
And this guy is just plain cute!  Okay, so this is a GOLDFISH costume.  But it does look an awful lot like a mermaid.  Eve wore this a couple of years ago.  Richie absolutely forbade me from putting it on Theron.  So I decided he was going to be a bat, a ghost, a "boo"....and then finally, when I was really stressed about it and couldn't find what I needed without spending more than a few bucks (I'm trying to be extra thrify) I decided that he was going to be the goldfish.  The next day we went trick or treating at the zoo, and he was called a girl and a mermaid several times over.  Richie screamed "See!  I told you that costume was too girly!"  But I didn't care, Theron didn't care, and he looked cute.
October is probably the best month to live in Logan.  The weather is fabulous, the whole valley, city, canyon lights up in spectacular fashion with Autumn colors.  And there are tons of fun Halloween and Fall events to attended and activities to do.  I learned that one needs to have their Halloween costume ready by the beginning of the month so that one can wear it all month to these fun events.  So, good job, mediocre city that I tolerate!
On that note of costumes, here how Eve decided to be a witch.  I started asking her what she wanted to be for Halloween (then explained what Halloween was).  The very first thing she said was "Green."  

"Green like a frog, or green like the color green?"  I asked.

"Green like the color green." 

From which point she then began listing a bazillion different things, every few seconds.  Over the course of a week I heard, oh probably, 200 different things she wanted to be, including car keys, a trampoline, a triangle, rattlesnake, mud, pencil, and Curious George.  That one almost stuck, with Richie to be the Man in the Yellow Hat, but, at the dollar store she saw the witch hats and really wanted one.  "Nope," I said, "not unless you want to be a witch for Halloween."  After wich, every time I asked her what she wanted to be, she said "A witch!"  

I asked her, "What is a witch?"

"A witch is just a witch."

"Well, what do witches do?"
"They're just witches, Renee" (she rarely calls me mama anymore.  Despite what my dad thinks, this not me trying to be a liberated parent or whatever.  She just found out that my name is Renee and that's what she calls me.)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oregon at Last

 So I know that it has been a while since we actually went to Oregon, but I have not blogged about it yet, and since I don't want it to get washed away in the upcoming holiday tides, here it is now.  Yay!  Because I love Oregon, and the Oregon Coast, and I am sad to see summer go.  Usually I am done with the hot weather by now, but this summer was so pleasant, and so short, and I wish it would last just a little bit longer.  It hasn't snowed in Logan yet, but set the snow line a couple hundred feet and it will soon.

The "Niagra of the West" Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho.  Definitely a cool place to check out!

But enough about cold, boring Logan.  Let's profile Pacific City, Oregon and our adventures there and back.  Traveling with two little ones is hard and long.  They are both great travelers, but let's face it: it's a long time in the car.  We split the drive into two days both ways, but I think we made the drive out too long.  We took long breaks thinking that it would be better, but really just made for a really long day.  But Theron was still nursing, and so we had to have stops anyway.  We stayed at my friend Gaylene's beautiful house in Pasco, Washington.  It was great!  She has twin boys the exact same age as Theron.  They are cute, tenacious little guys.  They were both smaller than Theron and already moving around.  Theron is such a gentle giant compared to most babies his age.  But it was lovely to see my friend that I hadn't seen in years, and to meet her kids.  

Multnomah Falls in the Columbia Gorge.  One of my favorite places ever.
We got Portland the next day and had a little family reunion with my dad's family.  We spent the night with my cousin Kate, which was so nice of her.  She and her partner Jason hosted us last summer too, and I'm surprised they were up for it again, seeing as how Eve terrorized their cat, Monster.  Monday we took a little detour to Corvallis before heading to the coast and visited my old work and ate at our favorite restaurant there.  Then, finally, we made it to the beach.  The Beach!


 Classic Eve.  Just enjoying the sun and the sand.
Now, I'm not complaining, because we had a wonderful time.  Our house fantastic and the weather great.  BUT.  I was not anticipating the amount of Work I had to do on my "vacation."  There was lots to do and see, but my kids ended up being so tired and thrown out of their schedule that by Wednesday, they both lost it.  I mean, complete and utter melt downs by both of them.  And of course it would be when Richie was golfing.  My mom and cousin were there, but you know, it's just different when one parent it missing.  It literally was the worst day I've had with both of them.  So many many tears.  My poor cousin just sort of looked at me and was like, "I don't think I'm ready for kids yet...(nervous laugh.)"  I can't blame her. 
 At the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport

Our beach house was not directly on the beach, so to get to it you had to walk about 15 minutes on a little path, then walk another ten minutes through sand to get to the water.  With a baby, a giant bag of blankets and towels, a diaper bag, various toys and snacks, and a toddler who thought it too hard to walk in sand (in her defense, it was really hard to shuffle through it, especially uphill), it made going to the beach quite the outing.  Not to mention that the previous 6 weeks had been filled with Eve's constant listing of every ocean creature she could think of and expecting to see them all at the beach.  Where are the whales, Eve?  They're in the deep water.  Where are the walruses?  Where are the fat,scary octopuses?  Sigh.  Good thing we went to the aquarium! 

 Cookie break at the beach
 Fish faces

But there were good things.  Shopping at the outlet malls.  Yummy crab dinners and Pie Soup.  Golfing, fishing, the beach, tide pools, game nights, waterfalls, desserts, family, book stores, and THE OCEAN.  It was grand.  I love going to the beach.  And I'm so glad that despite our distance from it, Eve loves it too.

 The famous 'Pie Soup."  If anyone has talked to Richie about the Oregon Coast, he will talk about pie soup.  He loves it.  We drove two hours for it.  We all dug in and devoured it.
On our last day I woke up Eve early to go to the tide pools and collect sand dollars in the low tide.  It was a lot of fun, and Eve loved the tide pools.  We found a lot of cool little creatures. And then we got a hot chocolate to share.  It was such a quiet, nice time to have with just Eve.  I will keep that for me for a long time.  Thank you Oregon.  I love you and miss you.